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Shared by Roberto Núñez:

When the unit of Greece is explained in the first year or in Classical 
Culture, an extension activity can be done based on the creation 
of a poster about the art of sculpture. One in class explains 
Greek sculpture and its three stages: archaic, classical and 
Hellenistic with a single image. But with this activity, the students 
expand their knowledge of sculpture and awaken their critical eye to
know which sculpture is from each period.
First of all, we give them the images of the Greek sculptures and the 
instructions of what to do. The student will have to search the 
internet with their mobiles for the information of the works to know 
what period they are from. Likewise, they will have to select the 
information to be put on the poster indicating centuries, 
characteristics, authors and works. In this group work, you must 
speak and write in English.
They have two days to prepare the poster. The students have to sign 
a work plan to know the teacher what the students and their tasks 
were committed to. An element that will be used in the assessment, 
apart from observation in class.

Secondly, as an exercise at home, they can be instructed to choose a 
sculpture from the period they want and to create a text and present it  
with the Vocaroo recorder. In that recorded oral presentation they
must indicate the period, century, author, work and  characteristic, apart
from giving a reason why they have chosen that work and not another. 
To know how to record, they are also given instructions and told that
they have to present it in Teams.


Make a mural of Greek sculpture.

• I have to place the photos given in their corresponding stage.

Therefore, I must divide the mural into three parts to put archaic,

classical and Hellenistic sculpture with its centuries.

• Then, I must write a text with the characteristics that these works have in

their periods.

• Give examples of works and authors.

• !!CARE!!! You must fill in the teamwork sheet indicating the tasks that each one will do. In

addition, one of you will act as SECRETARY.

• Name the team.

• At the end of the teamwork, the self-assessment sheet will also be filled out.



VOCAROO is an online voice recorder and it’s really easy to use.

Click on the link

There’s a brown button, click on it and the recording starts immediately.

Click on the red button to stop recording.

You’ll see a lid: SAVE AND SHARE, click on it and you’ll see a lot of possibilities. The most interesting ones are:

1.  DOWNLOAD (to save the file in your computer)

2. COPY THE LINK. Click on the little square on the right and paste it in the message you have to send me. This

way you’ll be sending the link which is much lighter than the

complete audio file.

In case you haven’t used VOCAROO before (or any similar recorders),you should

check it once or twice to get used to it.

After 10 minutes you will be ready to make a good recording and to

send me just the link, not the audio itself.

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